The data from the monitoring of the demand and the increased rise and growth of construction in the years until 2005, indicated the need for inevitable strengthening and establishment of an independent Company – BAUER BG Ltd. – Skopje, which, with its facilities and staff, would act competitively and powerfully in several fields of the construction sector.

With a great ambition, professionalism and seriousness, the Company for Construction, Trade and Services BAUER BG Ltd. Skopje, with a seat at Str. “16 Makedonska Brigada” no.18 Skopje, Municipality of Gazi Baba, was transformed and separated as a separate construction entity within the former construction operations of Mines and Ironworks – Skopje on 09.12.2005, with domestic capital.

The main activity of the Company is Construction of high-rise business – residential units, interior design, as well as works in low-rise construction, and road and railway infrastructure. As part of the former Mines and Ironworks – Skopje, with the establishment of all resources, business premises and warehouses, and with intensive work of the numerous manufacturing plants that are an integral part of our Company, some important representative projects were realized. Ever since the establishment, to the last financial year, the Company operates with increased intensity, it is in constant growth, and it operates with a profit. It owns all required licenses for work issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (License A for contractor, License A for design, License A for supervision and License A for revision of project documentation). It disposes of highly qualified technical and engineering staff and it has more than 350 employees.


The reference of our Company comprises of numerous projects of great relevance and significance. The positive statement of financial position and incomes statement only confirm the successfulness and the condition of our Company. Through the years of dedicated work, working not only on projects, but also on constant upgrading of our human resources and staff, by improving and increasing our facilities.

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In regard to the physical facilities and the appropriate equipment, machines and tools, within the Company there are several organized manufacturing work units with an appropriate number of qualified workers: fully equipped plant for manufacturing of furniture and accessories, locksmith, electrical and glazier’s workshop, which certainly gives us the right to be included in the business organizations that can meet the modern demands and needs for complete performance in all segments of the set work assignments and obligations in the field of construction.

With our quality performance, we care as a socially responsible Company that constantly invests. We have grown as a recognizable brand, a leader in the low-rise and high-rise construction in Macedonia and the region.

With the vast potential in terms of the technical- technological facilities possessed by our Company, in a form of large fleet of construction machinery, equipment, raw materials and finished physical facilities covering a large area, as well as with the engaged quality and proven professional staff and qualified workers, who work as a joint team and show exceptional professionalism and preparedness to perform any work assignments in the field of construction, design and performance Bauer Bg Ltd stands out as one of the Companies that are important drivers of the Macedonian economy, particularly in the field of construction and the construction sector.

The common bond of all plants that are situated within our Company, provides us complete, final and full completion of construction works to the stage “turnkey” with performance of all types of interior and exterior hard and soft landscaping.

Vision & Quality Policy Management

Our vision and strategy for future development includes growth of several sectors in our Company, of course in accordance with the real needs in the following period. Hence, on the basis of the volume of work, as well as considering the facilities that we are at disposal, our Company aims to expand the facilities and the fields of activity.

The policy management quality, environment protection and the protection of health and safety of work at Bauer BG Ltd Skopje, aims at establishing the rules of operations in accordance along with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Those particular standards prescribe certain legal obligations and requirements for our business partners.

The adopted policy MIS enable achievement of the following objectives:

  • Constant rise of the customer`s level for satisfaction in terms of what we offer, our services, our products (by monitoring their requirements, expanding the range of services and products by providing satisfactory and reproducible level of quality):
  • Establishment of professional relationships with our clients, our suppliers, subcontractors as well as all of the interested parties:
  • Constant identifying of potential threats with regards to the issue of security and health of the employees as well as the environmental aspects, in order to minimize minimizing risks in terms of safety and health of employees plus the hazardous environmental impacts.
  • Providing well qualified and motivated staff through: professional selection, continuing education, efficient organization, encouraging inventiveness, constant development of teamwork, mutual trust and respect.
  • Steady growth and development of the company by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of activities

Achieving the objectives that are defined in the Company`s policy is a permanent task of all employees.

Therefore, the management of Bauer BG LTD Skopje is a headed for a constant review of the MIS policy and all of the elements of the management systems and it will adapt to market conditions and the Company’s goals